Our Founders

Meet Ashley and Nnamdi Okorafor – founders and directors of Empathy Organics.

Their passion for health and wellness through mind, body, and spirit has been the driving force in the   strength of their family bond as well as in the growth of their thriving business.

We believe that just as the quality of your thoughts affect your health, so does the quality of your food.

Not only have we been so blessed to be working on what we’re passionate about, but we have been able to grow our business while working with our family.  Our mission is to empower people to take charge of their health, to reach their full potential, and to live every day to its fullest.

Once we set out on our mission, we have become more inspired each day by the positive changes we have experienced in our own lives and our family’s lives. 

We look forward to reaching out to more people each day and inspiring them to live their best life through mind, body, and spirit.  Combining our products with organic, sustainable foods from ethical sources with living an active and positive lifestyle, has given us greater appreciation for ourselves and our health.  In turn, we want to encourage others to turn their lifestyles around and make positive, lasting changes.

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