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Charcoal is produced by the incomplete combustion of plant or animal products. The major use of charcoal is for outdoor cooking. Industrial application is the second largest use of charcoal in the form of activated charcoal. The activation process involves heating the charcoal subjecting it to steam or treating it with a chemical to both remove substances that have adhered to it as well as break it down into finer particles and thus increase the surface area. Activated carbon has been used for its absorptive properties as a ‘universal antidote’ in cases of poisonings, as a filter aid agent, and in decolorization processes.

There are varieties of charcoal, but only a selected few are available in Nigeria. They are the Hardwood Charcoal, the Charcoal Briquettes, Barbecue Charcoal, and the Shisha Charcoal. They serve different purposes from cooking and grilling outdoor meals to water filtration or treatment in medical illnesses and cosmetics. Empathy Organics is at the forefront of making Charcoal available and processed to suit its global demand.

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