Welcome To Empathy Organics
Empathy Organics Nigeria Limited (EO) is a globally recognized business located in the United States, Nigeria, and Rwanda, which specializes in the Production, Processing, Supply, and Exportation of Agricultural Produce.

Processing of Agricultural products
Export & Retail
Purchase, supply, and deliver (exporting) Agro products to the global market
Communicate with local and other African farmers on how to better improve in farming and sustainability.
food for all
Majorly Empathy Organics seeks to reduce food wastage in Africa.

We can get our hand on quality and diverse Agricultural products in a sustainable fashion. We pride ourselves in our capacity to deliver both mini and large export demand through our style of farmer and customer relationship.

We are duly registered with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) with RC No; 23875675-0001, licensed with Nigeria Export Promotion Council (NEPC) with Reg No; 0017154, and a member of Nigeria Association Chamber, Commerce, Industry Mines and Agriculture (NACCIMA). We secure all necessary documentation for export and logistics to attain standards in our delivery.

We share empathy with farmers and seek to ease the burden of loss in trade due to food wastage. This propelled Nnamdi and Ashley Okorafor (Founders) to engage in Agricultural supply services. Africa is known to be fertile soil and conducive for a variety of Agricultural products.

Empathy Organics Nigeria Limited contributes and participates in Agricultural seminars and discussions to better understand the market and seek on making improvements and explore the vast opportunities abundant in Africa’s Agricultural industry. We continue to provide our customers with quality, while ensuring suitability, even for products in a high volume of demand. Our control and quality assurance team prioritize our customer satisfaction to ensure the best value while conducting business with us.

Goals of the Company

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  • Reduce food wastage in Africa
  • Gain good business reputation to our customers
  • Increase company profit margin
  • Becoming a major player in the Agriculture export business and matching up to the competition and demand of our clients.
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