How San Coffee Owner Started His Coffee Business Journey

How San Coffee Owner Started His Coffee Business Journey
How San Coffee Owner Started His Coffee Business Journey

His name is Nsabemungu Aime Christian. He is the CEO of San Company Ltd, a leading coffee company in Rwanda where he has his coffee called San Coffee.

San Company Ltd Sells Coffee In Different Types Of Coffee, Roasted Coffee, Semi-Washed Coffee, and the Commercial Grade Coffee.

Aime Christian announces that to make this variety of coffee with the help of farmers in Nyamasheke District in Shangi Sector Where they have more than 300 farmers affiliated with the cooperative where they give their coffee now as San Company Ltd helps them market it while also advising them on its farming, they also help them set up a profitable business channel because this coffee already has a lot of customers.

He also says that the first way to connect with coffee farmers is to combine these farmers to better buyers who sell their products directly, but that some buyers want to connect them with farmers, then like San Company Ltd, they do it. As a representative company, they also have their coffee from those farmers who give it to them and process it until it reaches the last customer.

"It only came to our notice then. In short, we can say that we sell roasted coffee with green coffee from these farmers, so that's why we have a partnership with them," he said.

He goes on to say that when they chose to work with the cooperative, they came and asked them to buy their coffee because other companies were working with them in that way because what these farmers needed was to help them put their products out of the box as San Company Ltd came to the bakery.

Asked how his journey has been since he started the business and the challenges he has faced, he said that when they began in 2013, they came out to launch their first product in 2014, and not much because they were going to buy it through other traders. Merchant, Not Knowing Where His Products Come From, That Made Their Coffee May Be More Coffee So In Control Of The Quality Of Their Coffee It Was To Want To Work With Some Farmers, I Have A Reason After 5 Years They Started Choosing To Work With These Farmers I Told You To Start With.

Aime Christian also says that the easiest way to get a license to sell coffee in Rwanda, but the most challenging thing right now is to get a license to sell coffee outside of Rwanda because you are required to have a signed contract with the person you are going to give the coffee to, without forgetting the bill You have more Just Like San Company Ltd To Get Their Coffee Out They Use Naeb's License Because It Is The One That Sends You To Take Your Coffee Out.

Empathy Organics also asked him why he started the coffee business, saying that before he worked at a bank in the Western Province in Rwanda, he examined it and found that many of his customers in the bank were people in the coffee business, and he immediately chose the coffee business. Even then, he immediately realized that there was a lot of opportunity in the coffee business so far; I have a good reason for that.

He concludes the discussion with Empathy Organics, advising young entrepreneurs that as the business gets easier, now is the best time to start for those who want it because you can't go into business with everything you have to do slowly and again—lots of places.





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